IP Lifecycle Management and Permissions

By Daniel Payne

My first professional experience with computers and file permissions was at Intel in the late 1970s, where we used big iron IBM mainframes located far away in another state, and each user could edit their own files along with browse shared files from co-workers in the same department. I saw this same file permission concept when using computers from DEC, Wang, Apollo, Sun, Solbourne, HP and others. Even my MacBook Pro computer has an OS based upon Mach OS, derived from BSD UNIX, so it’s very familiar to me when using the command line. SoC designers today are using Linux and UNIX-based computers either on their desktop, network, private cloud or public clouds, and they all have file permissions to help organize how teams share files while the IT group can administer policies.

For an IP-based SoC we need something to help us manage access and track usage of all of those IP blocks, thus the concept of IP Lifecycle Management (IPLM) tools arose and is served by enterprise solutions vendors like Methodics.

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