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Hi everyone – lots of good news to update you on in this newsletter!

Firstly, our user group (MDXUG) in June was a huge success with representatives from many of our customers + a good smattering of prospective customers. The kind folks from Intel presented a compelling keynote speech which was followed up with 2 days of round-tables, and discussions of all things IPLM. Folks were very open about their SoC and IP design challenges which led to a rich exchange of ideas. A summary can be found here.

A special thanks to Maxim Integrated for hosting the event, and to Siemens PLM for sponsoring the after hours excursion to the Faultline Brewery!

In other news, we’ve been working hard with one of our larger customers to build a Git based IP Lifecycle Management design flow. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Git is a rare beast that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an IP-centric design flow. We’ve been able to build an integration to solve that and you can learn more from a recent white paper here.

Another area of focus at Methodics is our solution in the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety space. This is built on top of our IPLM platform, Percipient, and includes compliance automation, requirements tracking, traceability, and more. This is getting a tremendous amount  of attention amongst our customers and prospects. Please take a look at our white paper for more details.

We’re also very excited about our integration efforts into the PLM tools to complete the “digital thread”. This takes all aspects of the design process beginning with ideation and requirements planning all the way through product delivery for customers to manage IP and product lifecycles within an integrated design environment. We have a joint Siemens/Methodics white paper discussing this here.

One other item of interest is that we have recently incorporated our data management solution in the Cadence VCAD environment for some customers. This has been setup as part of the standard VCAD offering and works “out of the box” in a VCAD chamber.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on that.

And, on a final note, I’m looking forward to meeting you at one or more of upcoming events if you happen to be going.  These include DVCon-Europe, SemIsreal, ISO26262 for Semiconductors, and DVCon-U.S.

If any of the topics covered in this newsletter grabs your interest, please contact us.  We’re happy to answer your questions.

Best Regards,

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Over the next few months, Methodics is excited to be a presenter, panelist, and/or exhibitor at  the events listed below.

Location Date Event
10/24 – 10/25/2018 DVCon – Europe
Tel Aviv
11/27/2018 SemIsrael
12/4 – 12/7/2018 ISO26262
to Semiconductors
San Jose
2/25 – 2/28/2019 DVCon – U.S.

To pre-schedule a meeting at one of these events, or to learn more, please email  We hope to see you there!


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Git is a very popular Source Code Management tool used by teams of all sizes and, in the semiconductor space, many Front-end or RTL teams who work with largely text-based source code files naturally want to be able to use Git to manage these.

However, Git is unsuitable for managing files that are not text based – for example binary files generated by Backend flows, and analog and mixed signal design files.

The most convenient way to address this mixture of needs is to allow text-based users to use Git and allow others to use data management systems like Perforce in the same project, and even build workspaces with a mix of data from Git and other version control systems in them.  This white paper describes a methodology for this approach.



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