Perforce and Methodics

Perforce has been a valued partner of Methodics for many years.  In fact, Methodics is an official reseller of Perforce products so that you can get both your Methodics products and Perforce products directly from Methodics as a single source. Alternatively, if you have an existing relationship with Perforce, or if you prefer to have a direct relationship with Perforce independently of Methodics, you can make that choice as well. In either case, you will get the same great support from both companies that you have come to expect.

As a supplier of the data management solution underlying the Methodics products, Perforce powers innovation at unrivaled scale. With a portfolio of scalable DevOps solutions, Perforce helps modern enterprises overcome complex product development challenges by improving productivity, visibility, and security throughout the product lifecycle.

Helix Core — version control software from Perforce — helps development teams get a single source of truth and scale as their team (and files) grow. That’s why 4 out 5 of the world’s largest semiconductor companies use Helix Core with Methodics for seamless IP management. This combination makes designs more efficient and predictable — with higher quality. And it ensures that no matter where designers are located, they have full visibility into IP.

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