Functional Safety

Functional safety (FuSa) requirements are at the heart of many industries.  Whether Automotive, Aerospace, or Medical, semiconductor designs must adhere to stringent specifications to ensure the safe use or operation of electronic systems in these industries.

Whether users are trying to meet ISO 26262 requirements for automotive, DO-254 for Aerospace, or IEC 6060 for medical devices, designers of semiconductor devices face new challenges that necessitate different approaches to design and documentation than for other industries they supply.

At the heart of these functional safety standards are the requirement for traceability and compliance through evidence documentation. Companies supplying devices for these industries must be able to document every step they take toward developing a complete component or subsystem and trace it back to the original specification. This level of traceability, from specification through to product design and testing, requires a versatile platform to manage the various engineering systems, and accompanying data they produce, within the entire development flow.

The Percipient platform is at the heart of providing the traceability needed for ensuring compliance to these functional safety requirements. Building on the platforms built-in traceability for IP within an organization, the platform extends this traceability into other engineering systems, like version control systems such as Perforce, Subversion, and Git, requirements management platforms, issue and defect systems, continuous integration solutions, and EDA verification platforms, to provide traceability from requirements, through design, to verification and validation.

Additionally, all relevant information from all connected systems can be stored as meta information associated with all design IP, providing a single source to access all the information needed for evidence documentation.  This information can be used to auto generate all documentation needed for FuSa compliance through a template driven approach integrated with the Percipient platform.


For more information on Methodics Functional Safety solutions, please view our webinar with IQPC titled

“IP Lifecycle Management and Traceability for ISO26262 Compliance”

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