Software Design and Development

Methodics’ IP Lifecycle Management Platform Percipient is ideally suited to manage digital assets as IPs – whether these assets are hardware blocks, software components or firmware. In all cases, the base features
of Percipient – a versioned, hierarchical Bill Of Materials (BOM) for a project, access control management, seamless multiple Data Management (DM) support and managed user workspaces are all useful and applicable.

In addition, given that software teams often trail their hardware counterparts by weeks or months, Percipient has specific features that help with the challenges of large software teams designing a combined hardware and software platform. These features include BOM compatibility checks and definitional hierarchies.

BOM compatibility checks allow users to specify which range of specific hardware IPs a given software component or driver is compatible with. For example, users can specify that the currently included version of the graphics driver included in the software BOM has been tested to work with versions 1 through 7 of the corresponding GPU subsystem. In this case, if the hardware team upgrades its GPU subsystem to a version that is out of this range, then Percipient can automatically flag this compatibility mismatch allowing users to upgrade their testing or their graphics driver.

Definitional hierarchies are a means by which users and project planners can specify the high level plan for a project, and select which software components can and should be included in the project. This definitional hierarchy can then be used as a guide throughout the project. As the project evolves, this plan is available as a check. The plan itself can be changed as well, and a workflow can be built around approvals for plan changes.


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