Workflow Automation Applied to IP Lifecycle Management

By Daniel Payne, SemiWiki

I often blog about a specific EDA tool, or an IP block, but the way that SoC design teams approach their designs and then use tools and IP can either be a manual, ad-hoc process, or part of something that is well-documented, following a design methodology. Back in the 1980’s while at Intel our team first created a design methodology document in order to communicate with all team members how we were going to build a graphics chip for the emerging IBM-based PC market, but this was a paper document with no automation or enforcement, so our implementation was fraught with inconsistencies and too much manual effort.

Today there are products for workflow automation like Flowable, also called a Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) platform. Think of a workflow as steps in the process of designing, testing or deploying a product. A workflow for IP Lifecycle Management enables an IP designer to create IP that follows best practices, quality standards and company policies.


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